to the show...

1. Ladies & Gentlemen, this is a seated show and as such it is probably wise that you do indeed 'remain seated'. At least to the best of your drunken abilities. Thats what the law says.
We shouldn't have to remind you by now to follow the regulations set in place by the various bodies of authority in relation to coronavirus.
Most of those regulations were actually already in place before COVID. They're based on what is collectively known as 'Common Sense'.

We do expect that common sense WILL prevail amongst you all and that y'all will respect other people's 'space' as you navigate your way to the loo and back.
This might look stupid written down but that's the world we live in now. 
Some people need reminding. We better get used to it.

2. Dancing on the tables and chairs is not allowed unless you are specifically invited by Alice to do so.
Squirming in your seat is acceptable but don't do it in any kind of rhythmical fashion or so help us, Mr Marshall's fun police will have you breakin' rocks on a chain gang before you can say: "..I tested negative!"
Beheadings are only allowed on stage. 

3. All jokes aside, everyone involved in The Australian Alice Cooper Show feels very strongly that Australians from all walks of life should maintain a healthy relationship with live music and the artists that perform it. When you watch a performance it is important to think a little bit about what the artist is trying to say, whether that be an original composition or whether they have chosen to cover a song or tribute an artist that obviously means a great deal to them. Remember, even simple dance music has a message. Whether or not it's a positive one or an important one is the question for debate.

4. We ENCOURAGE you to take photos and/or videos (short ones are always good!) and post them to our facebook page (www.facebook.com/aussiealice) or upload them to your own facebook page and tag us (@aussiealice) .
In fact, WE WILL  BE AWARDING THE WINNERS of 'best amateur photograph' of each of the group members (including dancers), with a free double pass to a show in Adelaide in the future. That means 10 double passes to win so get snapping .
More details will be available on our facebook page after some photos start rolling in, ok!?

And now... ON WITH THE SHOW! 
PS. When you hear HORROR MOVIE by SKYHOOKS you better get back to your seat...

please - support businesses who support live entertainment!

Ashley Miller


Plays just about any instrument fluently. Born with a silver flute in his mouth. and a flugelhorn in his backside. Apparently. At least, thats his story and he's sticking to it.
A founding member of the 'Prophets of impending doom' and highly influenced by Tim Minchin, Ashley Miller will one day be a household name, especially in houses with people in them that like Tim Minchin. 
This boy can certainly tinkle those ivories, watch out for this guy. 

Jason Anderson

bass guitar & vocals

If you live in Adelaide, you might know Jason from the band Full Circle.
Shoulda called themselves FULL ON - They're amazing. Check em out if you have the chance to.
Jas is the glue that holds everything musical together as well as being instrumental in bringing the rest of this band around to wearing shiny things a lot and just generally having fun with the whole thing..

Richie Poray


Wanted in three different states. Not for crimes - he actually makes a really nice cupcake. Light and fluffy with a superb texture, Richie's baking prowess has even the staunchest Vegan sneaking a little nibble when their fascist friends aren't watching.
Seriously though, Richie hails from England and we won't even hold that against him.
What is undisputed is that he's an absolute gun on the guitar and knows how to pull those classic tones from bygone eras from any one of his prized collection of axes.
He's also single, ladies...

Chris Anthony


Chris is the kind of guy who would smash your face in and then probably ask if you'd like a cup of tea. Apprently it takes away the sting. He's like that cute little kitten that then draws blood with its sharp piercing needle-like teeth. Fortunately, there is noone alive today, that has ever been hit by Chris...
That's the good news. 
The bad news is; he's so bloody good at convincing people they needed a whack. So he continues on his merry way, unhindered, unheeded and unhinged. 
If you feel a sudden pain behind the ear; the left or the right one, I bet if you turn around; there's Chris.
He also likes the colour Aqua and  ambling romantic walks along the beach.
In reality, Chris is as talented as they come. Watch him shred tonight. It's sure to be another dazzling display. Chris is, simply put, only at one with himself and the universe when he is mid-riff playing live for you. 

Steve Smith


A walking metronome, Steven is often confounded with the perception by his peers that he is, in fact; a reasonably intelligent person. I guess those peers, over time, became used to his numerous eccentricities and simply referred to him as the “Thinking Man’s Idiot”.
What IS undoubtably true, is that if Jason is the glue, then Steve is the brush that you apply that glue with, to whatever it is you want stuck together.
The beat is what he says it is.  

Dave Hudson


Born at a very early age, Dave hails from Glenelg SA.
Dragged along by his Aunt to see Alice Cooper in 1977, aged 10, he loved every minute of the show.
Highly shocked and mesmerised by what he saw, Huddo bought his first Alice Cooper album that year. By the time he was a teenager he had absorbed as much of his music as his little mind would allow. Dave claims to have been through a denial period where he would say he hated Alice. and KISS. ...that must've been the '80s.
and well...they didn't last long.
10 years in fact. By the time the nineties arrived he'd become jaded and disillusioned with the local music scene basically 'coz he was, in no way at all, cool.
So he started writing songs and made an album that took 30 years to record.
Then he met some people. one of whom was the devil himself, and a deal was struck. The Devil introduced him to even more people again. Some of these people were musicians and Dave trained in the ancient craft of summoning immortal power.  But then more and more people began to arrive until, one day, he had met so many people that he found he could gather together a group of the more talented people among them  and produce the kind of show he'd always wanted to do, ever since he was a kid with hairbrush and a mirror (and a tennis racquet). Now his innocent but naughty little soul is laid bare for all to see. 
And here we go...

Miss Shelley


 Nothing is not good enough for this incredible woman. If that double negative confuses you; good. That's just how she likes it. Here's another one;
She won't take your crap neither, so be aware!
If we can be incredibly serious for a moment folks; We would like to let you know Miss Shelley lost her sense of sight when she was just a young lass and therefore, every step she takes on stage with rabble like the rest of us, she is being braver than ANYONE else in this rooom tonight. So far, she hasn't fallen off stage or electrocuted herself so that is a bonus. Known affectionately as "The Seamstress for the band" Shelley, even with her very limited sight, loves to sew and is responsible for a fair portion of the costumes you see tonight.

Miss Cindy


Carries that bat everywhere. Not afraid to use it either, especially on Alice when he gets a bit too cocky.
Miss Cindy, along with Miss Shelley, has some of the best lungs in the business. 
Get your mind out of the gutter you filthy pervs! 
This girl has been singing around the traps of Adelaide all of her adult life. 
It's a pity she usually dies at some stage in most shows. Makes for a great spectacle though. 
Loves baby dolls for some reason - We're sure it will be her undoing.

Miss Clay


Miss Clay fell to Earth in the first millenia. Raised by Amazons, she can be seen dancing in the clouds at midnight on a full moon. Miss Clay also owns Belly Dance Amethyst dance studios in Hamley Street, Adelaide. There she teaches the finer points of belly dancing and performance to her willing students. 
Her days are filled with joy and butterflies but by night, moonrays bring out the creature in her.

Miss Alie


Miss Alie - The Human Supernova- She has always been. Eternal. 
Damn good seamstress too, sewing all them li'l sequins on everything... mind-bogglingly delicate and intricate. Our dancers are a force of their own and CHOOSE to dance with us because we are kindred spirit siblings of the heart and mind.

Mr Kain


Affectionately known as Mushroom boy, mainly because he lives in the dark and we feed him bullshit every time we see him. But he's a fun guy. 
Loves a beer. Why not buy him one after the show. He'll be the youngest best looking one out of the whole bunch!
we can't even believe he has a day job but apprently... yes. There ya go!

Mr Not appearing in this show


All there is to be said about this person must remain defensible in a court of law. Sooooo, it's in latin. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse potenti. Sed malesuada tempus magna, id bibendum lacusinterdum ac. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. 
Easy done. 
Your Honor, I rest my case.

Australian Alice Cooper Show Facebook Page

For all the latest news from the band...


People often ask us why we chose Alice Cooper to pay tribute to, particularly when the original rocker is still touring with his own band still to this day.
Well, we wanted to build a homage to the music & madness of Alice Cooper's hedonistic rock shows of the seventies
After all, it's where it all began.
Finally, to be honest, we didn't want to wait until Alice is dead to tribute him. I mean, what good is that to HIM?
We want to turn people ON to Alice Cooper. In our eyes, he and the whole band were theatrical genius.

The music

alice cooper was the first of his kind

When Alice hit the mainstream charts in 1971, every parent across the western world took a collective gasp at the perceived perversion & corruption their children were watching on their new colour TVs and playing on the family stereo. However, the strong melodies and fantastical lyrics proved too powerful to stop and Alice Cooper became a household name across America by 1973 with their crazy stage shows and multi platinum selling album "Billion Dollar Babies. The Australian Alice Cooper Show prides itself on the accuracy of, not only the licks in the music but also, their style.

The shows

Alice Cooper INVENTED the rock spectacle

Before Alice came along, a rock concert featured a few musicians on stage, dressed relatively nicely, or at best, colourful psychadelic clothing (this was 1969/70 folks!)  - it was all fairly staid & boring. 
Alice Cooper was the first guy to say "Noone is going to pay $6 to see my show and see some guy just standing there, playing guitar". Each concert was a journey into violence, madness, murder & mayhem. From brooms to electric beaters to lounge chairs and mannequins - sometimes anything they found on the side of the road became a prop. All that mattered was that they created a spectacle. We are sure some conjecture will ensue and thats great. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

The Makeup

vincent furnier & dennis dunaway - a genius combo

When Vincent Furneir met Dennis Dunaway at Cortez High School they could've had no idea of what the future held in store for them. Dennis was not just their unorthodox bass player, he was also the creative brains behind the initial spectacles they created on stage.
Alice's love affair with stage makeup started out influenced by Bette Davis' role in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane". It was Dennis who finally spotted the famous snake-eyes make-up on a mural featuring a clown from two blocks away across the town they were playing at, as they looked out their hotel room window. Vincent wasn't even particularly enthusiastic about it at first but it didn't take him long before he saw the genius in Dennis' suggestion. If you noticed it from two blocks away, it might be quite intimidating on stage. The rest... is legend.

The Man & The Group

not just one man - but five

We all think of Alice Cooper these days as one man. Alice Cooper though, was originally the name of the group. Partially because the other idea; "Husky Baby Sandwich" didn't thrill anyone at the band meeting.
Back in 1968, the Alice Cooper Band were known as the Nazz, but Todd Rundgren was already using that name, so Vince suggested a name reminiscent of famous alleged axe murderer Lizzie Borden.
They thought it sounded like a little girl with a lollipop in one hand and a butcher knife in the other. And so the band name was born. 
The group's long time manager and showbiz genius Shep Gordon recounts a meeting with a PR executive. “She asked the band to go out in the lobby and she said, ‘Listen, Shep, you gotta give me one person named Alice Cooper. I don’t know how to make five guys with a girl’s name famous. You give me one of them, that I know how to do.’ So I go out in her lobby and I said, ‘Listen guys, we gotta pick one of you to be Alice Cooper!’ And right there in the lobby we picked Alice."
The ploy was a success, especially since Cooper had already been the band’s “focal point,” Gordon said. In fact the band turned up at more than one show in the early days to the local promoter asking "Where's the girl?"
Some thought they were hiring a country & western singer!
Later that year Vince Furnier would change his name legally to Alice Cooper to avoid legal wrangles in copyright law and the bands royalties. Shep was aware that the rest of the band – Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith – might feel disenfranchised. When the decision was made to change Furnier’s name legally, the manager recalled telling them, “‘Until we’re all millionaires, nobody is leaving this thing. Once we’re all millionaires, we sit and talk.’ And we all shook hands on it.”
Unfortunately that wasn't to be and the group disbanded in 1974.

The Producer

Bob Ezrin is a musical genius

Think of the kids singing in Another brick in the wall pt.2 and you have the genius that is Bob Ezrin. Producing such 70's icons as Pink Floyd, Kiss, Lou Reed, Deep Purple & Peter Gabriel amongst many more, Robert Ezrin is a producer and keyboard player whose career in music has spanned five decades. His production work continues into the 21st century, with acts such as Deftones and Thirty Seconds to Mars